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How Many Shrooms Should a Beginner Take?

The First Time Doing Shrooms
Preparation is very vital in making shroom trips. There might be positive rewards and experiences if the prior preparation was adequate. These include the setting (the external environment where the trip should take place), the set (the internal environment)—your state of mind, and the dosage notwithstanding. Timothy Leary recommended back in the 1960s to have a space or a measure of privacy where you are away from the natural over-crowded world, which could be very enticing but a deterrent to the trip experience.

It is essential to practice exercises that make you more aware of yourself, like yoga and other meditative exercises. Part of such exercises includes keeping your phone away and every other thing that makes you want to connect to the world you are temporarily keeping away from.

It is clinically advisable to request the help of a trip sitter who will lead you through the trip experience. Trip sitting is quite important because of safety measures during your trip, such as seeing weird images, shapes, and hallucinations. They may make some folks in their psychedelic trips aggressive or connect them to a traumatic past that may spur negative emotions. Having a trip sitter is for your safety.

Advisably, tripping on shrooms is not for just anybody. Psilocybin can stir intense physical, psychological, and emotional experiences while others are positive. Be aware of your medical histories like psychotic spectrum disorder, depression treated with SSRIs, or severe mental health challenges. All those posed to being suicidal or those with chronic health issues, and by that, speak with a knowledgeable health care provider, one that is familiar with psychedelics. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to stay off psychedelics as the extent of research done do not yet cover the effect of psychedelics on the fetus or a baby’s health.

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How Many Shrooms Should a Beginner Take?
Roland Griffiths, Ph.D., a pharmacologist at Johns Hopkins University, is a research personnel on psilocybin therapy, discovered that the dosage for psychedelic trippers is premised on the bodyweight, citing an example that a 5mg of psilocybin for a 70kg person is a low dose. In comparison, a 30mg for the same person is a high dose and can be challenging, perhaps transforming for the tripper even though caution is recommended.

With Psilocybin mushrooms still illegal, potency testing is tedious or unavailable. Due to this, folks now accord dosage based on the dry weight. Another concept is that when consuming a fresh shroom, the dosage value is ten times that of the dry one of the same quantity. Keep in mind that a fresh mushroom is more potent than a dry one. Consider the doses as explained below:

Psilocybin Dosing
It is said that within the range of 0.1g and 0.5g of dried psilocybin mushrooms are defined as a microdose. Some often increase the threshold to be at 1.0g. However, it now depends on the user’s psychedelic tolerance level. Even though microdosing psilocybin may not deliver the most potent effects, users choose to maintain focus and stabilize their mood.

Conversely, if you are macro dosing, it is an attempt to have a whole psychedelic experience. Meanwhile, it is wise to scale up with microdoses of psilocybin to get familiar with the knowledge, and you can use microdose more often than you microdose.

Using lower doses of psilocybin is very helpful as they provide a more mellow psychedelic experience that the user more or better manages. Interestingly, this is another dosage level known as a low dose of psilocybin. We recommend it as an excellent point to start for many first-timers.

Moderate doses of psilocybin are at a higher level than the amounts above. Intriguingly, it starts from a weight of 3.5g of dried psilocybin, and it consists of a more difficult trip experience. It is not a recommendable start for first-timers as it launches them to a more strange experience, unlike the lower doses.

High doses or the heroic doses as famously defined by the ethnobotanist, Terrence McKenna, can crush the most resistant of egos with psychedelic users. McKenna even advised psychonauts to use this substance in a more private and dark environment to get their whole experience. Its weight for dry psilocybin also ranges from 3.5g to around 5.0g, and it can produce a very intense trip, and it must be administered with a healthy sense of caution.

At this level, many trippers are confronted with the shadow of themselves, and it can also ring about trauma if such experiences are not well prepared for. It can be transforming and requires the supervision of a trip sitter to guide, vet, and lead the user through the journey.

Some factors influence the power of psilocybin as psilocybin shrooms differ in their strength from psilocybe cubensis, and they include how it is grown as indoor-grown shrooms. They have more substantial trip value than the wild ones; their storage, how much food the shroom user may have taken, and many other salient factors.

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What is expected on Shroom trips?
Shroom tripping can be so vague. It can be incredible sometimes and weird at other times and may be fascinating or unpredictable, and this varies from person to person. The details got from users posit that many a time, they are not able to define the feeling which may be deeply personal or even trivial. It is why people think that psilocybin can help reverse the background-foreground deal, which prompts you to pay attention to things you may have been overlooking.

Feelings like being light or heavy in the body, and high-level sensitivity to high light intensity, including sunlight, and seeing the world and your immediate environment in a very new way can be present. In all, you become more attentive to the things in your environment—even the mundane of things.

Other sensations range from dance to movements to having the melt senses altered, improved, or distorted synesthesia. You can start seeing shapes, patterns, or images when the eyes are closed. Feelings of acceptance, connectivity, and love are many times present. After considering your dose (small or large) and set (including settings), you may need to follow the counsel of Bill Richardson; TRUST, LET GO, and BE OPEN.

Length of a shroom trip
The length varies because it can range from 30 to 60 minutes or even faster if the Lemon tek technique is used. Also, it is possible to get more extended periods of trip experience that extend from two hours to six hours. It is reported that most people reach the peak of their trip experience at the third hour, and also, some folks have a wavy kind of a trip experience. It means that their trip does not always follow a stable intensity over some time.

Tedious Mushroom trips and rebounding after the first shroom trip
There may be challenging visions of scary thoughts or feelings that stir anxiety or discomfort. These happen with high doses of psilocybin. It is carefully and promptly advised to users to mind their usage, the process, and the location. To better adapt the use of psilocybin, it is preferred that the journey is started from using smaller doses—this enables the coping mechanism of the user.

When going through tedious trip experiences, it is notable to remember that the incident does not last forever. Interestingly, being patient with the whole experience and yourself will work the magic because sooner or later, the potency of the experience will decline as fast as you may not imagine.

Once the trip experience has been rounded off, meditate on what it felt or looked like. It may inspire you to relate to your daily life experiences like conversing and spending time with nature, having a new skillset, reordering how you do your job, being more sensitive to your personal development, or several other insights. Interestingly, you may want to talk about how you want to bring these new developments into your life with a friend or colleague.

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The quantity or dose for a newbie is relative, and it is advised that such a person reach out to respected medical personnel, who understand psychedelics. Without any doubt, the experiences, the preparations, and the after effect of psilocybins cannot be underestimated. 

Newbies can take according to specifically recommended doses while noting that the higher the dose, the more the effect. A better advice will be that no matter the dosage, it is recommended to have a trip sitter who can lead you through whatsoever experience it is that is associated with the doses.

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